Q : Is there a minimum order ?

A : Yes , if you order just ONE book we will consider that the minimum order. But feel free to order as many as you like. Please allow for extra time on extra large orders. You can call ahead or email rich to get an estimate on your special orders.

Q: If I need a custom coloring book designed, how long does it take to produce?

A: There are many factors involved. First of all are the number of illustrations needed for the inside of the book plus the artwork for the front and back covers. Typically, a 32 to 40 page coloring book takes about three months from inception to completion. Depending on the communications between both parties, it might be completed in less time.

Q: How much control do we have over the content of the coloring book?

A: It is a collaborative effort. Before we begin the art process, we will determine what elements or features you want in the coloring book. Once we have agreed, we will then commence with the creative.

Q: Does your company do the marketing if I have you produce a coloring book for us?

A. Absolutely. If you are a city or a company for whom we produce a coloring book, we do have the resources with distributors. We can also assist you in your on-line efforts to promote and sell the coloring books.

Q. Do we have to use your printing company?

A: Not necessarily. However our prices include printing and the prices are probably better than you can get. But, even more important is the quality of the work we do in which the printing is very, very important to us.

Q: Will my coloring book be copyrighted?

A: That could be a tricky question depending on whether or not someone else might already have a trademark or copyright. Before we begin we will do a search to make sure you can copyright the coloring book.

Q: What are your payment terms for creating a custom coloring book?

A: Normally we charge 50% up front and 50% upon completion of the printing.

Q: How do I get hold of you if I have more questions?

A: E-mail me, socialfoxlive@gmail.com or call 702-425-5111