Custom Designs

Vegas Ideas, Inc. is a Las Vegas based firm specializing in the design and printing of copyrighted coloring books for cities, hotel chains, chambers of commerce, conventions and events.

Its unique approach to coloring books is defined by the creation of two characters who take the youngsters on a tour of each city and/or hotel.  Added to this, each illustration is accompanied with a rhyme describing the attraction.

The creative approach begins with consultation with the client on the features to be included in the coloring book.  Rough pencil art or thumbnails are then drawn and submitted.  After refinement, Vegas Ideas, Inc. commences with the production of all of the artwork.

Upon completion and approval from the client, our printer prepares a camera ready proof and this is followed by the printing.

For cities , events and hotels who may be interested in your own custom and copyrighted coloring book you are encouraged to email